Retaining A Total Loss Vehicle
You, as the owner of the vehicle, have the right to purchase your vehicle back from the insurance company after they have determined it to be a total loss.  Buying a vehicle back enables you to keep your car and have it repaired even though it is officially a total.  This makes sense to some customers who might have an older car that they like and trust but was deemed a total due to its age or mileage.  In most cases, buying your car back will change the type of title that you currently have.  It’s important to discuss the title with your insurance company before you make any decisions. 

Insurance Steering
Steering is when an insurance company pressures you to have your vehicle repaired at a body shop other than the one you have chosen. You have the legal right to have your vehicle repaired at any shop you choose. Many insurance companies would like you to choose an auto repair shop that has agreed to repair your vehicle under certain guidelines. This usually means lesser quality. All Insurance companies know and understand the laws concerning steering. Some have become very good at explaining things in just a way as to confuse the customers. Here is a list of items you may hear; We cannot guarantee the work at the shop you have chosen because they are not on our list of preferred shops. It will take longer for the repairs because it will take several days to get an adjuster to that shop You will be required to pay the difference in rates that your shop charges. These tactics are ‘half truths’ that enable the insurance companies to steer customers to a shop where they have control over the process. In answer to these statements, BF Bodyworks has a life time warranty on all of their workmanship and a warranty trough the auto repair facility is the one that is important. Not the insurance company. Every Insurance company has appraisers available to inspect vehicles. BF Bodyworks Inc. takes responsibility of making sure they inspect in a timely manner. Nearly all of the repair rates in our area are the same. Your insurance company is required to cover the prevailing rates. BF Bodyworks Inc. never charges more than what Insurance companies are paying in the area. BF Bodyworks does have agreements with a few insurance companies, but only the few that have allowed us to put quality and customers first. These companies still allow you to decide where to take your car. Simply put, steering a customer towards a shop that is chosen by the insurance company is not going to benefit you. And remember; 

Paintless Dent Repair
At BF Bodyworks Inc, we offer a paintless dent repair option. What is paintless dent repair? Paintless Dent Repair or ‘PDR’, is a procedure where by using various tools and techniques, we are able to ‘push’ the dent back out without damaging the refinish the area. PDR is possible in most soft dent type damage like hail damage. If the dent has a sharp crease or is in an area that cannot be accessed behind the dent, it is not a candidate for this type of repair. Most Insurance companies elect to use the PDR method for repairing hail.

In need of a Tow? Contact BF Bodyworks Inc Towing & Recovery 913-526-2946 (Serving Olathe And Surrounding Areas).
Our drivers will place your vehicle in our secured lot any time of day or night.

How to Care for your new paint
There are a few precautions to take for the first couple of months whenever you have new paint applied to your vehicle. For the first 60 days do not wax the new paint. This will allow the paint to fully harden.

This is what we recommend for the first 30 days.
Do not use abrasives to clean such as brushes in a car wash.
Wash your vehicle in the shade so the soap doesn’t dry to the surface.
Wash with car wash soap using a soft sponge. Avoid wiping your vehicle dry for at least 30 days.
Avoid gravel roads. Chipping is more likely for the first 30 days Do not park under trees that drop sap
If you spill gas or other types of liquid on the paint, immediately rinse it with water. Do not wipe it. Bird droppings are more likely to stain with fresh paint so rinse it as soon as possible.
The reason for these early precautions is due to the curing time
for the paint. It is mostly cured when it leaves the body shop but it takes 30 to 60 days to completely harden.

What to do at the scene of an auto accident
Following are a few suggestions to help you at the scene of an accident. We have these 8 tips on a small plastic card for you to put in your glove compartment. They are free and available at our facility.
1. STOP immediately but do not obstruct traffic.
2. ASSIST injured. Have someone call police. Repeat after 5 minutes.
3. SECUREnames, phone numbers and addresses of other drivers, witnesses andinjured persons.
4. SECURE make, model, license numbers of all cars involved.
5. MAKE rough drawings of scene, showing position of cars and other details.
6. DON’T hastily accept claim settlement at scene of accident.
7. REMAIN calm, courteous and consistent in your version of the accident.
8. NOTIFY BF Bodyworks as soon as possible. 
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